Police to tighten noose around traffic offenders

Sep 12, 2011, 06:44 IST | Yacoob Mohammed

After cops book 729 for various traffic offences in 24 hours, new ACP vows to take even more stringent action

After cops book 729 for various traffic offences in 24 hours, new ACP vows to take even more stringent action
With an increase in the number of bikers flouting traffic norms, the police seems to have sworn to take offenders to task. The traffic police have registered 729 cases in the past 24 hours.

Following a steep rise in the cases of drink driving, over speeding and chain snatching incidents, the traffic police have been issued strict orders to book all offenders, irrespective of their social status.

Traffic ACP MA Saleem has instructed his men to book
all offenders irrespective of their social status

The new City Additional Commissioner of Police for Traffic and Security, MA Saleem, spoke exclusively with MiD DAY, for the first time after donning the mantle.

MiD DAY (MD): As the newly appointed ACP, what is your plan of action for the city?
MA SALEEM (MAS): Firstly, managing traffic in the city is a joint task, therefore I will be holding meetings with every organisation and then implement changes that would eventually put the system back on track. I would also be taking up individual complaints related to my department, so that each issue can be dealt with effectively at the earliest.

MD: What is the first reform you introduced after taking charge?
MAS: We have booked 729 cases in one day and we are not going to compromise on this issue.
Our duty is to drag the guilty to court and we are issuing warning notes notifying that no mercy will be shown to anybody whosoever if caught driving under the influence or speeding. We will bring down the rate of accidents and I will personally monitor the drink driving issue in the city.

MD: What according to you are the main traffic problems the police force is facing today? Do plan to adopt positive trends from other cities?
MAS: The main problem is the increasing number of vehicles, which the roads in the city are not equipped to accommodate. Another core issue is the lack of 'mixed land use', i.e. separate areas for shopping malls, other commercial establishments or even loading and unloading of goods, because in our city everything is at one place.

MD: City traffic police are known for their bulging bellies and harsh behaviour. Do you plan to rectify this?
MAS: Before joining the force, officers undergo several fitness training programmes. As far as the behaviour is concerned, we have issued clear instructions to all officers to maintain a friendly relationship with people. We have also planned to conduct monthly meetings with the entire force to improvise on their overall skills. We must understand the stress levels they go through while discharging their duties. It is teamwork for all of us and our constables are aware of the functioning of the local administration, so their suggestions will be welcome.

MD: People claim that your department has double standards when dealing with people from different social backgrounds. For instance, a small time actress was booked for violation, while a high profile politician's son was let off easily?
MAS: I don't know about any such issues since I have just taken charge. However, we would like people to recollect the case of influential businessman, Karthik Somaiah, who was imprisoned for drunken driving, after he mowed down four morning walkers in Domlur in 2009. We do not have double standards and the law is equal for all.

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