Police to tame tunes played during visarjan

Aug 14, 2013, 02:28 IST | A Correspondent

Ask Ganesh mandals to limit performance of dhol troupes to just two during their respective processions; say numerous performances during processions add chaos to Pune streets

In their bid to cut down time consumed by manache Ganpati mandals to perform immersion on idols on the visarjan day, the police have proposed to limit the number of dhol troupes performing during their respective procession to just two.

“Though the processions start at 10 am, the first five ‘manache Ganpati’ take around eight hours for visarjan. This happens because each mandal has its own six to seven troupes and they occupy two to three chowks.

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So this year we have proposed some restriction on mandals over the number of troupes performing at the immersion procession,” Makarand Ranade, DCP (Zone I), said.

He was speaking at the meeting held between Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), representatives of Ganesh mandals, and the police officials, to discuss various issues pertaining the upcoming Ganeshotsav festival.

Ranade said, “We gave a sort of concession to all dhol troupes last year, but it affected the immersion procession. These troupes take one to two hours in every chowk, which makes the procession very lengthy.

So this year we are going put restriction on the number of troupes. We are also insisting mandals to use either Kelkar or Tilak Road for their respective processions. Most of the dhol troupes are eager to perform on Laxmi Road, which makes the procession chaotic.”

He added that the Hatti Ganpati Mandal, along with eight others, agreed to start their processions early from Tilak Road. Last year the processions had started as late as 6 pm.

BJP corporator Mukta Tilak, who had raised the issue of increasing number of dhol troupes during processions, said, “We have been receiving several complaints against the troupes that they were creating noise pollution in the residential areas while practising.”

Commenting on the issue, Commissioner of Police Gulabrao Pol said, “Pune is on the hit list of terrorists. So security is the major concern during festival season. We need co-operation of Ganesh mandals. We have requested all the important mandals to install CCTV cams during the festival.”

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