'Polish' bandits wipe homes clean

Sep 04, 2012, 07:14 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Claiming to have a powder that would shine silver and gold ornaments, a gang of four is looting Vile Parle residents of valuables

A gang of thieves posing as salesmen selling a powder that would shine silver, gold and copper belongings have been ‘polishing’ off families of their worthy belongings. The gang of four has been on a looting spree in Vile Parle after they struck two families in a week’s time. The Yadav family residing at Sadanand Road, Vile Parle (East) was one of the victims of the gang. Rakesh Yadav, a tours and travel operator told MiD DAY that the theft occurred on Saturday while he was at work and his wife Sheela and mother Kalawati were alone at home. 

Gold con: The two thieves posing as salesmen enter the home to demonstrate the effects of the powder. They put the copper vessel into another vessel and ask the residents to put their gold ornaments inside too.

Recounting the incident, Sheela said, “I was working in the kitchen around 12 in the afternoon when my doorbell rang and two people were selling some powder that would polish vessels and gold ornaments. Initially, I said no, but they persuaded me to let them demonstrate.

First, they put the copper vessel in another vessel filled with water and then asked me to also put my gold chain in it. They then asked me for some washing powder and when I turned my back, the duo fled with my chain and other belongings worth Rs 2 lakh.”

When the residents turn their back for a moment, the thieves escape with the ornaments

Sheela said that after the robbery, she had asked other residents in the building about the salesmen and one of her neighbours said that the duo had knocked on their door too, but she had refused to let them enter.

Vidya Kanan, a resident of Subhash Road, Vile Parle (East), was also targeted by the gang last Wednesday. Using the same modus operandi, the thieves polished off belongings worth Rs 1 lakh.

They run down and join their gang members who are waiting on their bikes in order to make a quick getaway. Illustrations/Amit Bandre

When MiD DAY contacted the Vile Parle police, PSI Niwas Vidhate said that the gang comprises of four people. “Two people pose as the salesmen whereas the other two keep a lookout and are ready to flee the scene on their bikes. Based on the complaints, we have made sketches of the accused and we are investigating the case.” He also said that residents in the area should be more careful while allowing strangers into their homes.  

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