Polish woman assaults deportation officer, attempts suicide

Jun 04, 2013, 05:55 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

The 35-year-old Polish national Anandani, who was kept at Juhu police station along with her two-year-old daughter, is still in Mumbai and now has a criminal case against her

It was believed that she was deported back to Poland after she was removed from Juhu police station, but the recent FIR at Sahar police station revealed that she is still in the city.

Anandani at Juhu police station in May. File pic

Officials of the Sahar police station arrested her on Sunday night for assaulting a lady officer of the deportation department, and she even tried to commit suicide inside the immigration room.

Born as Joanna Malgoriata Kucharska, Anandani was presented before the Andheri court yesterday and was remanded to judicial custody. She with her daughter were sent to Byculla jail. Anandani was arrested and booked for assaulting lady officer Shabnum Mulani after the immigration department lodged a complaint at the Sahar police station.

“We arrested Anandani, a Polish national, under sections 353 (assault or criminal force to deter public servant), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) and 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace). The court remanded her to judicial custody. She was sent to Byculla jail with her daughter,” PSI Sunil Bile of the Sahar police station said.

Last month, MiD DAY had published a report (‘I Love India, won’t go back to Poland, says Polish national’, May 4) about how Anandani had flatly refused to return to Poland and how she was kept at the Juhu police station for almost a month without any case against her.

Soon after the article was published, police officials initiated Anandani’s deportation on May 7. It was also revealed that she was kept at various police stations, with her daughter, for over two months. Officials said they were finding it tough to do paperwork for Anandani’s daughter as she was born here, and this delayed the deportation procedure. A devotee of Lord Krishna, Anandani said she wants to stay in India and preach Hindu culture. 

‘I want to stay’
In a letter written to this correspondent, Anandani mentioned, “I don’t want to leave India. They are in the process of only deporting me and not my daughter, which is not fair. If such an act is done, I will commit suicide.”

The letter further read: “I will not go back to Poland. I love India, I love Hindu culture. My daughter was born here. India is everything to me and I have lost my heart to her. I am a true devotee of Lord Krishna. I have given my whole life to it and the temple. I have no strength left. I am physically weak and don’t want to live anymore. How am I supposed to live without my daughter, she is just two years old? Suicide, which I tried, is possibly the last chance for me to stay in India. I want justice in India. God has saved me several times and should save me in future too as time is running out now.”

Anandani also mentioned that she had come to India in 2008. She accused her family of disowning her after she accepted Hinduism and her ex-husband of forcibly taking away her passport due to which she was not able to renew her visa. She said lack of proper documentation to stay in the country forced ISKCON officials to hand her over to the police. 

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