Political shenanigans: PMC corporators gather to elect new mayor

Sep 16, 2014, 05:49 IST | Shashank Sane

As PMC corporators gathered to elect the next mayor and deputy mayor, Shashank Sane captured a few candid moments during the elections on Monday

Wrong chair! After ticked-off corporators demanded that outgoing Mayor Chanchala Kodre be given a chair at the dais, the administration did give her one, but it was not the mayor’s chair. Looks like neither the election procedure nor Kodre got the right chair

Wrong chair

Kissing up: The newly elected deputy mayor of PMC, Aba Bagul kisses Arvind Shinde, fellow party corporator and leader of the opposition in PMC. While the picture may not show it, Bagul and Shinde are known to be quite combative in debates during General Body Meetings. No wonder the kiss drew so many stares!

Aba Bagul kisses Arvind Shinde

Game of thrones: While custom demands that the mayor elections be chaired by the outgoing mayor, for the second year running, the PMC administration failed to follow protocol. Instead, Collector Saurabh Rao was given the seat of honour, from where he monitored the proceedings

mayor elections

Taking on the mantle: The newly elected mayor of PMC, Dattatraya Dhankawde dons the mayor’s gown, and the responsibilities that come along with it during the mayor elections on Monday. He is the first male mayor the city has elected after two consecutive women mayors

Dattatraya Dhankawde

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