Pool in for a cleaner Mumbai

Sep 14, 2012, 07:49 IST | Surekha S

There might have been innumerable times when you have complained about how unclean our city is.

Head out to the city’s beaches, and you can’t help but be angry at the garbage dumped that covers the shoreline, adding to the pollution in the ocean.

It’s time you take on the onus and do your bit to help make Mumbai a cleaner city. The International Coastal Clean Up, to be held this Saturday, will see thousands on Mumbaiites descend on Juhu and Girgaon beaches in a bid to clean our shores.

Sign up for a clean Juhu coastline

The Beach Company and The Reef Watch Project have organised this effort. On a single day in 2003, Reef Watch volunteers collected over 12,000 pieces of plastic and other garbage along the city shorelines.

If a large number of citizens come together for such an effort, in addition to the fact that the beaches are actually getting cleaner, it will help raise awareness to a large extent. Besides, you can pride yourself in actually doing something for the city, and so the next time when you see someone littering, you will find the conviction and courage to stop them.

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