Poonam Bhagat slapped me as I wouldn't lie for her: Ex-driver

Jul 11, 2016, 08:11 IST | Shiva Devnath

Mumbai-based socialite Poonam Bhagat’s former driver alleged that she assaulted him outside her Pali Hill house yesterday because he took her husband Jaidev Shroff’s side in the divorce battle

Trouble seems to be mounting for socialite Poonam Bhagat and now even her former driver has turned on her, accusing her of assaulting and abusing him outside her house. Poonam has been in the news for a while now, not just because of her messy divorce case with industrialist Jaidev Shroff, but also for manhandling a mid-day photographer two weeks ago.

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Kunwar Singh was hired by Jaidev Shroff to drive Poonam around, but when the couple fell apart, he took Jaidev’s side. Pic/Shadab Khan
Kunwar Singh was hired by Jaidev Shroff to drive Poonam around, but when the couple fell apart, he took Jaidev’s side. Pic/Shadab Khan

Yesterday, her former driver Kunwar Singh filed a complaint with the Khar police, alleging that Poonam had asked him to lie on her behalf in the divorce battle and then slapped him when he took her husband’s side instead. He said he went to her house at Pali Hill in Bandra West around 3.30 pm to drop her daughter off when the incident took place. Singh is employed by Jaidev and stopped driving for Poonam after the couple separated. However, he still drives the couple’s daughter.

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“I have been driving for their daughter since she was born. She was returning from Goa today (Sunday), and told Shroff sir to send me to pick her up from the airport. I dropped her at the Bhagat residence when Poonam ma’am asked my why I had spoken on Shroff sir’s behalf. I explained that I had only said the truth, but Poonam ma’am began slapping and hitting me near my eye,” said Singh.

‘Why should I lie?’
“I was deputed as a driver for Poonam ma’am, but when she asked me to lie for her in court, I refused. Why should I lie? I am a driver, but I’m not for sale. I will not lie under any circumstances,” he alleged.

SPI Rajendra Jadhav, of Khar police station, said they had registered a non-cognisable offence, adding, “We sent him to Bhabha hospital for a check-up to see if he had serious injuries, but there were none, so we have lodged an NC for now.”

‘I didn’t slap him’
Poonam Bhagat told this reporter that the driver had made a false complaint and was trying to frame her on behalf of her estranged husband, Jaidev Shroff.

“I did not slap Singh; I only spoke to him for five minutes. Singh is a liar; Jaidev is using him to trap me in a false case. There are nine CCTV cameras in my house, I will take it to the police station to prove I did nothing,” she said.

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