Poonam Pandey: A for Apple? Naah! Apply... to my Body!

Published: Oct 30, 2012, 08:37 IST | Poonam Pandey |

Starlet Poonam Pandey reveals the final alphabet of the 5-day countdown of 5 alphabets that comprise the name of her upcoming debut film


What should I apply to my body? Apply everyday and keep the doctors close! Apply loads of discipline and make the doctor an addict to your body. The handsome doctor in the Mills and Boon novels should want to come and meet you daily.

Poonam Pandey

The body can be addictive. The body never needs anything. The body is not an addict, a mind is one.

Till now I have shared 5 alphabets... A, H, S, N and A again now. What does that come to? Shaan? Ahsan? Dunno? Tee hee!

Are there only 5 alphabets in the title of the movie, or are there more? While as a socially responsible citizen, I would not like to endorse alcohol or drugs as an addiction, there are a lot more things you can get addicted to. For example, a certain Ms Poonam Pandey can be an addiction, why you are coming in time and again to read this column.

Let me tell you that we shot for the poster of the film and it is a faadu poster. You will love to look at it again and again trying to keep abreast of what you are seeing. It is a tits for tat (pun intended) response to every other look in the market today. If you are bosom buddies with me you will realise that the poster will knockout every other knocker in town. It is for posterity.

You will get addicted to the poster. If you are a true Poonam Pandey addict, I would like to meet you at the soonest. Waiting to get addicted to my fans... I already am! 

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