Poonam Pandey wants a 'verified' account

Sep 14, 2012, 13:07 IST | Avinash Iyer

Starlet Poonam Pandey, who has made a career out of posting pictures and videos of herself on Twitter, now wants the social networking site to 'verify' her account.

Starlet Poonam Pandey, who owes most of her fame to Twitter, has threatened not to post any more racy pictures and videos of herself on the networking site if her account is not 'verified'.

Poonam Pandey
Pandey is miffed with fake profiles of hers on Twitter (File pic)

Verification is a process by way of which the genuine account of a user appears with a blue tick mark next to the user's name.

Three days back, Pandey tweeted, "More then 700 FAKE Twitter profiles with my Name and Pix.. unless my account is VERIFIED wont Post any PIX, Videos."

Pandey has tweeted risque images and videos of herself on more than one occasion.

Earlier this year, when Kolkata Knight Riders had won the Indian Premier League, she had posted an image, that left virtually nothing to imagination. 
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On another occasion, images of her covered in soap bubbles in a bath tub too had become popular. 
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Here is what her fans had to say:

@Imashokraj - #TwitterWithoutPoonamPandey is like HOLI without colours ........

Poonam Pandey
Twitter without Poonam Pandey is like life without oxygen, said one of Pandey's 'fans' (Pic - Yogen Shah)

@SHAAZUU - #TwitterWithoutPoonamPandey is like Bollywood without Khans

@S4NDY7 - #TwitterWithoutPoonamPandey would be like 'Life without Oxygen'

@TweeterTuu - #TwitterWithoutPoonamPandey is like a mobile without battery

Now it remains to be seen if Twitter will give in to the wishes of 'THE MOST DOWNLOADED MODEL ON THE INTERNET'(That's what her bio says). 

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