Pop goes the gola

Apr 06, 2013, 10:44 IST | Soma Das & Dhara Vora

With the mercury levels soaring, nothing brings as much a whoop of joy as a colourful, chilled gola bursting with flavours. Here are our picks of unique, quirky golas across flavours and sizes including variants like the Latin American Paleta and the American popsicle

Syrup bottles line a gola stall at Juhu beach
Syrup bottles line a gola stall at Juhu beach. Pic/Nimesh Dave

When gola met Margarita
We would love an alcoholic frozen Margarita, but the non-alcoholic version at Oven Fresh is delicious enough to leave us with no regrets.

Pic/Abhinav Kocharekar

Tastes as good as it looks, Oven Fresh serves it’s Frozen Margarita in two flavours -- Peach and Apricot (in picture), and Strawberry. They’ve also started serving fresh fruit popsicles and plan to add sorbets to their menu this summer, which we are waiting to try.

Chaat? Falooda? ...It’s a gola!
This one’s not for the faint-hearted and the slim-waisted. The Delux Gola (`100) available at Pooja Malai Gola is like a trip into the Amazon jungle.

It comprises of a scoop of vanilla ice cream covered with shaved ice, topped with almost every syrup available with them, with a ladle of creamy malai, khoya and milk mix, raisins, cashews and grated khoya. Skip your dinner and go straight to the dessert we say. If this one’s of mammoth proportions, go for their regular Malai Gola.

Look out for the ice candy man
One may not find a golawala at every corner, but an ice candy man isn’t difficult to locate.

The fresh fruit, no-sugar varieties might tempt you, but nothing can beat the charm of enjoying a `5 orange candy, after a particularly hot day at school! It remains our favourite along with flavoured ice packed in long plastic bags (dubbed ‘ek rupiya ka pepsi’), a term that today’s kids might not be aware of.

Your search for gola-goodness
This one’s for the health-conscious as their golas are made from mineral water and using natural flavours.

Started in 2008, Gogola (whose logo and design remind you of a certain search engine) offers an eclectic range of golas ranging from Blue Lagoon Gola to the Kool Kokum Gola and the Krazy Kairi Re Gola. They also have a Merry Melon Gola which combines watermelon and strawberry golas (all for `50). While they are presently available at Vile Parle they plan to open several outlets soon.

Ola! to the Paletaz
While Frugurpop at R City Mall, Ghatkopar, may have shut shop it doesn’t mean that you can’t have your dose of the Latin American Paleta (ice popsicles made from fresh fruit).

Oreo Cookies 'n' Cream
Oreo Cookies ‘n’ Cream

On the plus side, you can get it home-delivered (they plan to open outlets only serving Paletaz -- their brand of popsicles, soon). On offer are Apple Cinnamon Rosemary, made using apple juice, a slice of apple, infused with cinnamon and rosemary (`40); Triple Berry, a sorbet of fresh blueberries, raspberries and strawberry juice (`60); Fruitilicious, an artistic popsicle with a slice of kiwi, strawberry, tangerine, grape, pomegranate all soaked in a lemongrass base (`70) and Oreo Cookies ‘n’ Cream, a creamy combination using vanilla beans and Oreo cookies in a creamy milky base with an Oreo cookie crumble base (`80). On the cards are a Nutella Paleta and Creamy Pistachio Paleta as well.

Blueberry Grape
Blueberry Grape 

Fruitilicious Paleta
Fruitilicious Paleta

(Minimum order for delivery worth Rs 2,000. For smaller orders, customers need to collect the order)

Compilation: Soma Das & Dhara Vora

Other summer coolers
Coconut water: The health benefits of the wonder fruit speaks for itself. Coconut water helps maintain an optimum body temperature and rehydrates the body. They also boost the immune system and help detox the body.

Coconut water

Mango Lassi: Nothing helps relieve the heat like a glass of frothy Mango Lassi. Get your sugar fix through this yummy beverage and if made with fresh mangoes it contains Vitamins A, B and C.

Mango Lassi

Jaljeera: Made with cumin and a mix of spices, it is believed to have originated on the banks of the Ganges. It is known to boost digestion and act as a coolant.


Aam panna: Made from raw green mangoes, it is believed to relieve stomach problems and provide generous doses of Vitamin B and C. 

Aam panna

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