Popular celebs reveal what friendship means to them

Jul 31, 2014, 07:08 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

This Sunday, dedicate it to that special friend who has stuck with you through thick and thin as the guide speaks to three known personalities to know why the day holds special value to them and if friendships are changing with the times

Mrunal Kulkarni Actor and director

Mrunal Kulkarni, actor and director
Friendship means a support system to me. I always say that my husband is my friend first and then my husband, which is very important for me.
Prank: I remember once while shooting for a serial, we told our director that there is a small gossip story about him in a paper today. We printed the paper as well and throughout the shooting of our serial — the full day, we were teasing him about it. He became very tensed eventually and then he started saying we should buy all the papers. At the end of day, we had to tell him the truth that it was a prank since the start as he got so worked up.
Change in friendship: I feel that every person changes with time and one must respect and understand that. Some people can become good friends in just two days. One must open-mindedly accept the change in the other person.

Sandeep Khare

Sandeep Khare, Marathi poet and songwriter
Definition: Friendship is one relationship in which you have no expectations from the other person; this is the relationship that you have chosen in life.
Prank: When I got married and went for my honeymoon in Mahableshwar I had booked an economy room but when I went there, I felt the room was not that good, so asked the hotel attendant to show me another room. He took me to a room which was decorated with flowers and candles. I said this is out of my budget, then the attendant said ‘you don’t have to pay anything extra for it’. I was surprised and then suddenly, a bunch of my friends came in the room with a cake and I realised that they had booked and decorated that room for us. This prank I will remember for life and treasure too.
Change in friendship: I feel that all relationships are gaining some kind of motive. The seriousness in the relationship has reduced.

Shreyas Talpade

Shreyas Talpade, Actor
Definition: Friendship happens at school and college where you don’t have to be a celebrity but can be friends just like that. One can be just your self with these friends — your social status or anything else does not matter at all.
Prank: When we were in college, we used to ask friends to give us one rupee to make phone calls and if someone said I have Rs 2 or Rs 5 we used to take it and collect R200 or so and then go out and eat in a hotel. 
Change in friendship: For me, only your college and school friends are the real friends and the ones you meet during your professional life are shortlived friendships, most of the time. Some of them do become good friends but that is rare.

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