Posing as MLA's son, man extorts money from gurudwaras, temples

May 01, 2015, 08:01 IST | Sagar Rajput

Calling himself the son of Mulund MLA Sardar Tara Singh, the culprit allegedly visited several gurudwaras and temples, asking for money and demanding VIP treatment; Mumbai police yet to register a case

An Imposter , posing as the son of a city MLA, has been roaming around religious places in different parts of the state and extorting money from them. Despite the MLA having submitted a written complaint to the Bhandup police nearly a month ago, cops are yet to register a case.

Rajneet Singh, the MLA’s son. Pic/Rajesh Gupta
Rajneet Singh, the MLA’s son. Pic/Rajesh Gupta

The alleged fraud has been posing as the son of Mulund MLA Sardar Tara Singh, going to several gurudwaras and temples and demanding money from them. Not only this, the accused has also been enjoying privileges accorded to a VIP at these religious places roaming around with escorts and gaining direct entry to the shrine without having to wait in line like commoners.

Speaking to mid-day, Rajneet Singh, the actual son of Tara Singh, said, “I got a call from my friends on April 8, telling me that some individual at Shahapur has been extorting money posing as the son of Tara Singh. He has even asked to be treated as a VIP at temples and gurudwaras in Shahapur and Igatpuri (near Nashik) on my father’s name.”

Son calling ‘son’
Following these reports, Rajneet got hold of the number of the accused and called him, in order to verify facts. “After I called him, I asked him whether he was Tara Singh’s son and he said yes. I panicked as our name gets spoilt because of such people.” This is the second time someone has used MLA Tara Singh’s name for monetary gains.

Earlier in 2013, a man had posed as the MLA himself and duped several wealthy Sikhs in the city (see box). The legislator approached the Bhandup police and submitted a written complaint to Pratap Chavan, senior inspector at the police station. However, nearly a month later, police are yet to act on it.

MLA Sardar Tara Singh told mid-day, “We handed over the written application on April 9, but no action has been taken till now. We have also provided the number of the individual who has been extorting money and made it easy for the police, but they have not taken the trouble to nab the culprit.”

Previous case
mid-day had reported on September 30, 2013, that an imposter pretending to be MLA Tara Singh was duping wealthy Sikhs in the city by asking them to extend monetary help for non-existent patients. He would operate only over the phone and ask the donor to send the money through someone and hand it over to an accomplice. Police traced the calls to one Dhanveer Singh Khurana in Kanpur

Cop speak
When contacted, Senior Police Inspector Pratap Chavan, from Bhandup police station, confirmed he had indeed received the complaint. “We have received an application (from MLA Tara Singh) and we have applied to get the Call Details Records (CDR) of the accused. Investigations are going on.”

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