Potpourri on the ramp

Aug 28, 2013, 08:44 IST | Ruchika Kher

From jewellery that bore skulls to earthy designs (which soothe the eyes), the first show of Day 5 at the Lakm � Fashion Week was a mixed bag of varied imaginations

It was an interesting start to the final day of the Fashion Week as designers from diverse approaches and creative inclinations, got together for the first show, thereby opening a Pandora’s box for the discerning audiences.

Models sashay for mother-daughter duo Pragya and Megha Samor’s collection. Pic/Satyajit Desai

The show began with an accessory collection by young Jinali Sutariya’s brand -- House of Chic. The line that was christened Dark Angel was in collaboration with Heena Surani, and in its debut run, made people sit up and take notice. Models dressed in white, sported a unique collection of rings, neckpieces, bracelets and earrings on the runway that consisted of a mix of skulls, crosses, black ties and lace. Former Miss India Universe, Pooja Gupta was the showstopper and walked the ramp wearing a body vest jewelled with skulls and spikes, personifying the essence of the collection.

Next in line was Samor, a label by mother-daughter duo Pragya and Megha Samor. The collection was inspired by exotic birds and was styled in modern drapes and cuts by using diverse fabrics and innovative prints in a range of candy colours like mint green, lemon yellow, violet and pink, highlighted by a steady combination of black and white.

A total contrast from this was witnessed in the next segment with Sva by designers Sonam and Paras Modi, who presented designs inspired from the land of Rajputs and the Maharajas of India. Models sashayed down the ramp in a mélange of designs and motifs that represented the inspirations of the designers.

The intricacy of embroidery and motifs like peacocks prancing on lehangas and lotuses on other ensembles, added a royal touch to the line. Use of earthy colours like browns amalgamated with greens and blue, took away the conventionality from the designs, which was refreshing to note. Actress Prachi Desai concluded the segment for the designers in a pleasant way.

Finally, Vrisa by Rahul and Shikha shifted the focus to a subtle colour scheme, the magic of layering and the elegance of fabrics like cotton, khadi and linen.

Instead of a bright colour scheme and shiny fabrics, which are a favourite for designers at this time of the year, Rahul and Shikha opted for colours like beige, white and indigo blue to express their creativity. Appliqué work and a flared long coat over a top and trousers were show stealers for us.

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