Prachi Desai is a confident dresser

Jul 06, 2014, 06:46 IST | Special Features

Prachi Desai doesn't care about popular opinion when it comes to fashion

Prachi Desai doesn’t care about popular opinion when it comes to fashion. “I did not have fashion icons when I was growing up. I am a confident individual. I used to make my own combinations and they weren’t bad at all,” says Prachi, before giving us a peep into her closet.

Prachi Desai

Cool casuals
On a day when I want to dress easy, I opt for a fitted tank top with a pair of comfortable leggings or ripped jeans. At home, you will find me in a cotton shirt teamed with shorts.

Let’s party
For parties, I wear trendy clothes that suit my body type. A dress with long sleeves, cinched at the waist, is what I would usually opt for. Or, a crop top and pencil skirt is a good bet, too.

Fashion favourites
In Hollywood, Miranda Kerr and Emma Watson are exemplary and look chic. Among the actors, Ryan Gosling is the best. Basically, I love anything he does (winks). Closer home, I feel Kangna Ranaut makes a statement almost every time.

Skin and hair
I always wash my face before going to bed. I go for hair rituals every fortnight. Also, I start my day with a glass of coconut water.

Bling love
Emerald and ruby earrings in white gold are my favourite for certain occasions. Otherwise, I love rings of all kinds — diamonds or goth.

Fashion nightmare
The mere thought of a velvet balloon dress! It is important to find the correct type of clothes, which highlight your assets and colours that compliment your complexion. One must avoid extremes.
(As told to Shilpi Sampad)

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