Prachi Desai's tress talk

Mar 19, 2013, 00:03 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

All of us identify Prachi Desai with the quintessential shy Indian girl. However, the lady surprised us all in I, Me Aur Main, where she had a funky avatar as a hairdresser.

“I don’t mind the term ‘sexy’,” says Prachi with a laugh when we ask about her baby doll get up in the film. In a short interview with CS, the lady talks about her image, her hairstylist and tackling hair woes:

Prachi Desai
Who: Prachi Desai
What: On her image makeover
PIC/ Sameer Markande

First impressions
When I first saw myself in the ‘Kisike Haath Na Ayegi’ song, I was shocked. It was like a revelation. I am a young girl and enjoy wearing trendy stuff. I also like to believe that I am a versatile actor; so being ‘sexy’ wasn’t tough for me. In fact, my character of Gauri is much similar to what I am in real life. People feel I am this quiet, shy, intense and subtle person, but I am quite the opposite. In real life, I am chirpy, light-hearted and love having fun with friends. I was really glad to be playing such a role that allowed me to show off my fun and naughty side.

Behind the looks
For an actor, looking good 24x7 is of paramount importance. My hairstylist, Tina is like a friend to me. She came on board with me, when I was in the midst of a truly hectic schedule, and she’s always there for me. In fact, we actors spend so much time with our make-up artists, hairdressers and staff members that they become family for us. I bounce ideas off Tina whenever I am in a fix. She’s understanding, loyal and devoted. What more can you ask for? It is not just Tina, I love the hairstylist community because they are so passionate about their work. They are also trendsetters in the way they dress, colour their hair, sport tattoos or pierce their body parts. If we actors look good, a lot of credit should be given to them for that.

Fighting hair woes
I think my haircut for Rock On really worked for me. It framed my face well and gave me the image change, which I needed. I love braids and they are the best remedy for a bad hair day. Whether it’s the fishtail, normal-messy, French ponytail, you can make them casual or elegant. I like to do a messy up do and braid up my hair on days when my hair is not at its lustrous best. I think funky hair bands, clips and rubber bands go a long way in salvaging your situation. In case, your hair is too bad just wrap a scarf on your head. Period. I am not very finicky about maintenance et all. Thankfully, the team at Adhuna Akhtar’s place does my hair rituals very well. So, I don’t worry myself about it. It’s their job (laughs out loud).

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