Prachi Desai's weight dilemma

May 25, 2012, 08:37 IST | Jigar Shah

Here's how the actress managed to maintain a plump look in one film and a slimmer avatar in another, while shooting back-to-back

Prachi Desai had a rather ‘big sized’ dilemma to face while shooting for two films back-to-back recently. For her film with Ajay Devgn, she had to appear a tad plump on the screen, while for her project with John Abraham, she had to appear rather slim and trim.

Keeping in mind these two roles, Prachi turned to interval training. Initially, the actress started slow, in order to build her stamina and then moved onto an advanced level. The former telly actress is so pleased with the results that she actually plans to keep up with her exercise regime.

In fact, this special training also helped her while shooting an action sequence, where she was supposed to jump off a moving car and she managed to do it with great ease.

What is interval training?
It involves workouts in which one has alternate periods of high-intensity exercise followed by low-intensity recovery periods, like running on the treadmill at a very high speed. 

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