Preserve the environment to preserve birds in Pune

Jun 17, 2013, 07:01 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

1. What is the migration pattern of birds during the rainy season? How has it changed over the years?

1. What is the migration pattern of birds during the rainy season? How has it changed over the years?
There is a decrease in migration during the rainy season. The humid and cloudy conditions lead to low visibility, affecting the birds and their migration pattern. However, those birds, which do migrate, are mostly from the same country, majority of them coming from Central Asia and the Himalayas. These birds take stops; replenishing themselves with food as they often cover distances of over 10,000 kms.

Prakash Gole: Ecologist and ornithologist, Ecological Society

They come here in search of food (mostly insects), but due to environmental issues the insects have also reduced. In fact, less migratory birds are visiting Pashan Lake now as compared to 15 years ago. Tree plantation around the lake makes it difficult for birds to locate their enemies. The same holds true with the Mula-Mutha bird sanctuary in Yerawada, as this place is littered with garbage. A decrease in bird population can also be seen in Kavadi.

2. How do you think we can help preserve birds in the city?
We must preserve insects to preserve the birds. And this can be done only by preserving the environment. We must plant trees and shrubs in gardens, balconies, roof tops or in our terraces to provide shelter to birds and make them feel secure and comfortable. As for their food, one can either install bird feeders or place a bowl with different varieties of foods including cereals, pulses, raw vegetables and flowers. One could also have small pots with birds’ favourite plants or flowers.

3. Do you think that the number of sparrows has reduced in the city?
The number of sparrows has reduced for sure in the city and the main reason is the increase in pollution levels. The other reasons are lack of nesting places and feeding opportunities in the city. Humans may get diseases because of pollution, but birds seem to be dying off. We must save the environment to save these birds.

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