Pressure tactics: Mumbai colleges let go of management seats

Jul 01, 2016, 09:52 IST | Pallavi Smart

Tired of govt officials making endless demands on their 5 per cent quota, city colleges have sent these coveted seats to the central admission pool

Prominent city colleges, fed up of politicians, police officers and other government officials clamouring for management quota seats, have decided to give up these seats to the centralised online admission system. A good five per cent of seats come under the management quota.

Among the top colleges that have already surrendered their management quota seats are DG Ruparel College, SK Somaiya College and SIES College.

This is good news for students, as more seats will now become available in the current online admission process. Till June 29, a total of 1,762 seats have been surrendered by some colleges in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai).

With the introduction of the centralised online admission system, there are barely any seats available for offline admissions at the college level. This is where the management quota seats become highly coveted. A senior education department official said, on the condition of anonymity, “The pressure on colleges becomes unbearable, which is why many have decided to surrender their management quota to the centralised pool.”

College principals say
Dr Tushar Desai, principal of DG Ruparel College, said, “In our college, all seats are filled through merit. We are not compromising on that count even for our staff. Every year, there are tonnes of recommendations and requests to reserve seats under the management quota. This year, we decided to allot seats only on merit and surrendered its quota.”

Dr Vijay Joshi, principal of KJ Somaiya College, said, “We have surrendered our management quota seats because our admissions are contingent on merit. Being a minority institution, half of our seats are allotted to candidates from minority groups, but even these have merit lists.”

The principal of a city college, who requested anonymity, said, “Every admission season, there are endless recommendations for admissions. With online admissions, these issues have reduced. Similarly, if those management seats that still remain with the colleges are surrendered to the centralised process, there will be no dilemma over whom to give admission to.

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