'Pride And Prejudice' sequel to have 'more matured Mr Darcy'

Nov 17, 2013, 23:31 IST | ANI

The 'Pride And Prejudice' sequel will see Matthew Rhys playing a much more matured Mr Darcy, it has been revealed.

‘Death Comes To Pemberley’, which is based on the best-seller by PD James, will feature Rhys playing the protagonist as a family man rather than a sex symbol, the Daily Express reported.

'Pride And Prejudice'
'Pride And Prejudice'. Pic/Santa Banta

The 39-year-old Welsh actor said that playing an iconic literary hero is always a little problematic and coupled with that, the fact that the aforesaid iconic literary figure has been immortalised by Colin Firth makes for a louder gulp.

Rhys said that his ‘Mr Darcy’ character will be more mature, a family man and he can wholeheartedly say that he won’t be competing with Firth by emerging from a lake in a dripping white shirt, because he doesn’t think anyone can top him.

The three 60-minute episodes of the series is set to be screened in December and in the new year on BBC 1. 

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