Prithviraj made to audition for 'Aurangzeb'

May 13, 2013, 08:36 IST | Shakti Shetty

Despite being 80 films old, playing cop 16 times, Prithviraj was made to go through an audition by YRF

South stars don’t have it easy, do they? After making his Bollywood debut in Aiyyaa, Prithviraj is all set to appear in the upcoming Aurangzeb. The Thiruvananthapuram-based actor interestingly bagged this particular role after going through an audition for the first time in his career. What’s more intriguing is he’s playing a cop for the 17th time!


According to the 30-year-old who made his screen debut in Malayalam cinema in 1999, it was YashRaj Films casting head Shanoo Sharma’s idea to make him audition for the action film.

“I remember going to her place and sitting across the dining table. The next thing I know she’s taking her iPad out and clicking the record button. I had a few lines to deliver and that’s it. It was an interesting experience because I’ve done more than 70 films so far and never before had I been asked to audition or ever auditioned for a role so it was amusing as well as exciting,” smiles Prithvi.

The actor further says he wasn’t worried about repeating the police act although he has played the man in uniform for almost three dozen times now. “It’s not like you’re playing the same character again and again. Just like actors are different, cops are different too. Like in Aurangzeb, I’m playing a north Indian cop for the first time so the idea is to seek something you haven’t tried before. Similarly, every role brings with it an essence of newness. Or else, why would I agree to them in the first place?” 

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