Private school cancelled diabetic boy's admission

May 22, 2012, 08:34 IST | PTI

A private school here cancelled the admission of a five-year-old boy after he was detected with diabetes.

However, after a complaint by the child's parents, the Gujarat government intervened and the boy was assured re-admission in senior KG class by the trustees of the school. The management of a private school, 'A One', had reportedly cancelled the admission of Darsh Gondaliya after the authorities came to know that he was a diabetic. 

After a complaint by the child's parents, Health Minister Jaynarayan Vyas intervened and directed the district education officer to seek explanation from the school management about the cancellation of his admission. "Inhuman behaviour on part of any organisation shall not be tolerated. We have sought an explanation from the school authorities about the incident," Vyas said.

The boy's parents said that they had received assurance from the school trustee that their son would be re-admitted to the school. "After the intervention of the state government the school trustee has assured us to readmit Darsh in senior KG, whose admission was earlier cancelled by the school principal on the ground that he had diabetes," the child's parents said. 

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