'Priyanka's look inspired by Kom tribe'

Mar 16, 2014, 00:17 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Rajat Tangri’s a busy man —showcasing at the Lakme Fashion Week, designing for the Mary Kom biopic as well as being the man behind Kangna Ranaut’s stylish looks

Tell us a bit about the collection which you showcased at LFW yesterday?
The signature cocktail silhouettes are detailed with asymmetric placement of floral springs in luscious palette of gold ochre, dove grey, vintage mint with pop of neon peach. Inspired by old school Hollywood, this collection indulges in wardrobes of studio starlets. Classic Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn sheaths with sporty ascents like zipper details, mesh cover-ups, etc. This signature collection is synonymous with the label’s principles of comfort and class, so let’s groove in the gardens of sweet summer.

Kangna Ranaut sports one of his creations

Kangna Ranaut is one of Bollywood’s most stylish ladies and a lot of credit goes to you. How do you find designing for her?
The energy that Kangna brings in is infectious. Her fashion sensibilities always surprise me. She does her research and knows exactly what she wants. Once you crack her style, she is not that difficult to please, provided you
are good.

Rajat Tangri at LFW this year.

You’re designing costumes for Priyanka Chopra for the Mary Kom biopic. What kind of research went into that?
I have sketched a very different look for Priyanka with respect to her past glam avatars. While preparing for the LFW, I was also travelling to Manipur, hometown of Mary Kom, Kangathei researching on the weaves, crafts, patterns and colours of Manipuri tribes and Kom’s dressing style in particular.

Manipur is an intriguing place where around 100 tribes reside. Mary hails from a tribe name Kom, who call themselves the descendants of Thai. Priyanka’s look is divided into four stages Mary Kom as a kid, post marriage, when she got into boxing and when she became the champ. The look is chalked from traditional to athletic and sporty.

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