"Problems of senior citizens are same everywhere"

Apr 29, 2013, 01:07 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

3 Question: Lt Col MG Athavale, Author

1. What made you write a book on gerontology?
The book is a practical approach to the alarming increase in the ageing population and their problems has resulted in the writing of this book. The book talks about how senior citizens should live for the society and work for the society, even during their phase of retirement.

This book is an effort from my side to identify the issues that senior citizens face after retirement and how they should tackle them. In short, this book is divided into two parts. The first part introduces the subject and identifies efforts to be taken for the cause of senior citizens on the part of the government, NGOs, institutes of Social Sciences and organisations set up by senior citizens themselves. The second part of the book elaborates the plans and ways to put them in practice.

2. Why the shift from an army man to an author?
After serving for more than 30 years in the army, I had joined the administrative side under the re-employment scheme. During that stint, I was in close touch with senior citizens. I had come to know about their problems; problems that could have been avoided. Gerontology helped me in some way and hence, I decided to spread the word further so that it can help people from every age group. The science of gerontology is not difficult to understand and life can be much more relaxed after its implementation.

3. How do you see senior citizens in Pune?
Problems of senior citizens are same everywhere. Pune is no different. But on a progressive note; there were only 4-5 senior citizen organisations, now the figure has exceeded to 150. Our Association of Senior Citizen Organisation has been acting as a helping hand for the elderly around the city. Right from giving them basic training in using tools and technology like the Internet and mobiles, here one senior citizen tries to be the emotional anchor for others, too. Through the organisation, we want to tell that the life of widely ignored senior citizens can be much smoother if they stand for each other.

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