Producer accuses composer Shravan Rathod of implicating him falsely

Jan 29, 2014, 07:59 IST | Akela

Anil Mishra, a small-time producer, alleged the composer of Nadeem-Shravan fame tipped off the police and made them arrest him recently; he claims Shravan is settling scores for his removal from his film 'Zanjeer 2'

A film producer has accused music director Shravan Rathod of trying to trap him falsely in a police case. Anil Mishra, a film producer and member of the Food Corporation of India (FCI), has complained against composer Shravan Rathod for threatening, harassing and trying to implicate him falsely in a police case.

Shravan Rathod. File pic
Shravan Rathod. File pic

On January 4, the Charkop police had arrested Mishra, a Malad resident, for misusing the national emblem and sporting a ‘Government of India’ plate on his private car. Mishra said he was using the symbols because he was a member of the FCI. Mishra was later released on bail after paying a fine of Rs 10,000.

Anil Mishra (centre) claimed composer Shravan Rathod had threatened him with dire consequences
Anil Mishra (centre) claimed composer Shravan Rathod had threatened him with dire consequences

According to Mishra, as he came out of the police station, he received a call from Rathod, who claimed that the police had arrested Mishra because of him. Rathod allegedly claimed that police could arrest Mishra in the future, too. The producer claims this was revenge for having removed Rathod from his movie Zanjeer 2.

“Rathod is settling the dispute this way. I had removed him from my movie Zanjeer 2,” said Mishra, who complained to the Charkop police last week, and registered two non-cognisable complaints, copies of which are in MiD DAY’s possession. “I have received the complaints and the matter is under investigation,” said Anand Koli, senior inspector, Charkop police station.

The other side
Meanwhile, if Rathod is to be believed, all is well between the two. In fact, he claimed it was his intervention that got Mishra released. “Mishra is a good social worker. He is a fast friend of mine. We know each other since 10 years. On that day, the Charkop police had called and informed me that Mishra had been arrested. I requested the cops to release him after giving him a warning.

On my request, our common friend also asked the police to release him. I had called Mishra only to help him out. I am shocked why he has complained against me now. All these allegations are false and baseless,” Rathod said. Rathod also added that Mishra had gone ahead and announced his involvement in the movie without his consent.

What if FCI?
FCI was set up in 1965 to ensure proper distribution of food grains under the Public Distribution System, and maintain buffer stock and reserve of the grains to ensure national food security.

The musician
Shravan Rathod is one half of the composer duo Nadeem-Shravan, who enjoyed immense popularity in the ‘90s and early 2000s. The duo split in 2005. Shravan is the brother of singers Roopkumar Rathod and Vinod Rathod.

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