Producer Gaurang Doshi rapped for ignoring Bombay HC order on 'Aankhen 2'

Mar 11, 2017, 19:40 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Giving a last chance to Gaurang Doshi, Bombay High Court asks him to issue notice in newspapers and magazines, saying he has no rights to the sequel

Gaurang Doshi
Gaurang Doshi

Displeased over its earlier order being ignored, the Bombay High Court came down heavily on producer Gaurang Doshi yesterday and asked him to issue a notice in leading newspapers and trade magazines within a few says, saying that he had no rights to the sequel Aankhen 2, failing which the court might hold him in contempt and send him to six months in jail.

Contempt petition
Justice Gautam Patel, who was hearing a contempt petition filed by Rajtaru Studios, was told that in 2012 Doshi had sold all rights for a sequel of the 2002 Amitabh Bachchan-starrer Aankhen to them.

Despite this and several court orders, Doshi had told the media and people that he was making a sequel to the film.

Order ignored
Justice RD Dhanuka of the Bombay High Court had even restrained Doshi from talking about the sequel or entering into a contract about the film.

In spite of that, Doshi gave interviews to mediapersons, his social media accounts were full of promotional material regarding the movie, and in even during his company’s relaunch party, he had again told those who were present there that he was making a sequel to Aankhen.

The court was also told that Doshi had entered into an agreement with Eros International to make the film, when, in fact, the court order restrained him from doing anything about the sequel.

Final warning
Justice Patel decided to give one chance to Doshi.

“I am not sending you behind bars now, but you will have to give a notice in all leading newspapers and trade magazines. This notice will say that you or your companies don’t have any rights to Aankhen 2. This notice will have to be printed in two trade magazines by March 17, and by March 24, it should be also printed in leading newspapers,” he said.

“You should also put something up on your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts about the same by tonight.”

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