Producer's take on Ayan Mukerji's apparent scuffle

May 28, 2012, 08:59 IST | The Hitlist Team

In response to 'War of words' director Ayan Mukerji's apparent scuffle with crewmember Vishwas Batra, Apurva Mehta, CEO of Karan Johar's production house called to present their side of the picture


He maintained, “We had contracted No Nonsense Productions, who assigned Vishwas Batra to shoot the making of the film. But he was not working properly as he would come late and was unable to cope with the hectic schedule.

So we told the company to send another guy. No such scuffle between him and Ayan happened.” Vishwas Batra, too, maintained that there were no problems with either the unit or Ayaan. “We were staying in different hotels, four-five kilometers apart. Ayan is a nice guy and there were no differences at all.”  

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