Producer Vijay Galani files a case against director Sukhwant Dadda

Jun 22, 2015, 08:10 IST | Gaurav Dubey

Apparently producer Vijay Galani has filed a case against Punjabi director-writer Sukhwant Dadda for breaching the contract signed between them

Producer Vijay Galani, who has produced films such as Veer and Ajnabee, filed a case against Punjabi director-writer, Sukhwant Dadda for violating the contract signed between Dadda and him.

Vijay Galani
Vijay Galani

According to a source, “Galani signed Dadda for a bi-lingual film (Hindi and Punjabi), bought the script from him and got it registered with his company. Galani also hired a few technicians and began working on the project. But, without his knowledge Dadda began making the film with different producers. He even renamed the film earlier titled Sant Sipahi to Sant Te Sipahi.”

“Apparently, Dadda had expressed his desire for producing the film and asked Galani for a clearance letter. Galani, in response, asked him to repay the money he (Galani) had invested in the project,” adds the source.

When contacted Vijay Galani says, “Yes, I had hired Sukhwant Dadda for my film and we started working on the project. I spent around R30-32 lakh and suddenly one day I get a call from Dadda saying that he wanted to produce the film. He also asked me for a clearance letter which I agreed to give if he returned the money. However, till now he hasn’t cleared the money. Running out of options, I had to approach the federation and the High Court as he plans to release the film soon. The hearing his scheduled next week and hopefully the decision will be made in my favour.”

Sukhwant Dadda remained unavailable for comment.

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