Prof with brain tumour history may be sent back

Sep 18, 2012, 07:56 IST | Niranjan Medhekar

Joint Director for Vocational Education and Training (Pune Region) Chandrakant Ninale says Maruti Devkate can be sent back to Aundh ITI from Malegaon ITI on deputation

Days after MiD DAY reported how Maruti Devkate, a professor at Aundh Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) was transferred to Malegaon ITI in Baramati despite having a brain tumour history, Joint Director for Vocational Education and Training (Pune Region) Chandrakant Ninale yesterday said Devkate can be sent back to Aundh ITI on deputation.

The story that MiD DAY had carried on September 13

Devkate’s wife Sulbha and his former colleagues from Aundhh ITI had questioned his transfer to Malegaon ITI. Sulbha had even accused Ninale of turning down her husband’s plea of cancelling his transfer order, citing his medical history.  On asked why did he ignore Devkate’s plea to revoke his transfer order, Ninale had then said that he had not received any such request from the 49-year-old professor. 

“Against the backdrop of his serious health problem, Devkate can return to Pune (Aundh ITI) on deputation,” Ninale said yesterday. “The only thing Devkate has to do is request my office for a deputation. If Malegaon ITI principal is okay Devkate returning to Pune, we will make his deputation once we receive his request for the same.”

Sulbha expressed her displeasure over he delay exhibited by Ninale in sending Devtake back to Aundh ITI on deputation. “The joint director should have this step much earlier. Currently, my husband’s health is constantly deteriorating. We are not sure when he will be able to resume work,” Sulbha said.
Within two months of his posting at Malegaon ITI on June 6, Devkate took to bed and has been bedridden for the last four weeks at his residence in Sangvi. Doctors suspect his brain tumour might have resurfaced.

Devkate was first diagnosed with brain tumour in 2005 following which he underwent a surgery to remove the tumour. After recuperating, he resumed work the same year and was doing well. Since the day Devkate took to bed, he has been down with a severe headache and was put on medication for brain tumour. 

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