Programmers force Microsoft to provide early access to tweaked Windows 8.1

Sep 11, 2013, 14:42 IST | ANI

Developers have reportedly forced software giant Microsoft to give them early access to the tweaked version of the latest Windows 8 OS

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Microsoft had announced that developers would be getting the new release at the same time as everyone else; however, this created a furore among the coders who found it as a marked change from the established practice, where certified developers get early access to new versions.

The software giant has now given coders access to the tweaked Windows 8.1 version so that they can start testing and developing before the public release, the BBC reports.

The report said that the programmers, who subscribed to Microsoft''s TechNet and MSDN developer services, got early access so they could ensure code for their own applications was not broken by the new versions of Windows.

The tweaked version of the 8.1 OS, inclusive of the earlier absent start button, is due to be released to the public on 18 October.

The new version will see the start button partially restored and allow users to choose between the touchscreen display and the more familiar control system seen in desktop and laptop computers.

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