Prom queen gives her crown to special needs student

Mar 22, 2014, 02:52 IST | Agencies

Kendra Muller, who herself suffers from paralysis and uses a wheelchair, gave her sash, tiara and title to Amanda Belnap, who had been named first runner-up

Utah: When the junior class at Riverton High School in Riverton, Utah, crowned their queen at the junior class prom, they thought the 2014 prom queen was in the school’s record books for good.

Little did they know that just three days later they would have a new prom queen after the classmate they elected made a selfless act.

On Wednesday, Kendra Muller (16) the junior girl who was named prom queen on Saturday, walked into a classroom and handed her sash, tiara and title to Amanda Belnap, a special needs student who had been voted ‘first attendant’, or first runner-up.

“Kendra came into Amanda’s class and, in front of her peers and the teachers, said ‘I thought that Amanda really deserves this honor’,” the school’s principal said.
Amanda, also 16 and a junior, is a cheerleader and well-known and well-loved by her fellow students.

Kendra is no stranger to struggle, being a survivor herself. She was paralysed in an accident three years ago and is wheelchair-bound. Amanda, meanwhile, has been relishing in her new title, wearing her tiara and sash around school with a ‘grin from ear to ear.’

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