Protect your tresses this Holi

Mar 26, 2013, 01:10 IST | The Guide team

Use natural home-made colours to save your hair from damage.

> Use natural home-made colours to save your hair from damage.
> Put some coconut oil or hair lotion before stepping out to play colours as oil helps you wash off the colours easily later on.
> Don’t let your hair loose while playing with colours. Tie them in plaits or a pony tightly so that minimum colour gets to the roots of the hair.
> Wash the hair immediately after you finish. Keeping those harmful colours longer on your scalp damages it more.
> Go for a hair-spa treatment after the celebrations; it helps you get your texture of hair back to normal.

Expert talk
Hair expert Dr Rashmi Shetty says an oil massage for your hair before you play Holi is a must. Applying hair oil acts as a barrier and prevents the colour from coming in direct contact with hair and thus lessens the damage. “Coconut oil forms a protective layer around your hair preventing it from the damaging effects of colour, heat and dirt. Since coconut oil is very light, a single shampoo will remove the unwanted extra grease, unlike other oils which may require multiple shampooing and thus result in dry hair.”

Celeb talk
Actress Anushka Sharma says that before she steps out to play Holi, she massages her hair with coconut hair oil. “It gets absorbed in the hair strands as well as the roots and acts as a shield protecting my hair from the harsh colours. Just because its Holi, it doesn’t mean I don’t style my hair. The side braid which is in vogue these days, is one of my preferred hairstyles.”

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