Protester's fury after Putin 'liked' topless demo

Apr 10, 2013, 03:11 IST | Agencies

Vladimir Putin may have 'liked' the topless feminist protester who confronted him with an obscene slogan daubed on her back - but she is less than impressed with his response.

Alexandra Shevchenko, who stripped to the waist in front of the Russian president as he toured a trade fair in Hanover alongside German chancellor Angela Merkel, said that he was ‘really stupid’.

Putin claimed to have been entertained by the demonstration, telling a press conference, “As for the protest, I liked it.” Shevchenko said: “Putin is a b*****d. If you’re a normal person you have to be against him.

Eye-opener: A topless demonstrator walks towards Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel during their visit of the Hannover on Monday. Pic/AFP

The most important [criticism] for us is human rights, the rights of women, this situation with Pussy Riot. Of course we don’t want to say this is all he’s done – he has committed a lot of other crimes. “I think his answer was really stupid.”

Shevchenko was one of a group of five female protesters who confronted the two world leaders.

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