Puja Gupta's phoney tales

May 09, 2013, 23:57 IST | Special Features

Most of us are hooked on to some or the other gadget. For Puja Gupta, it's her phone.

So when the actress was shooting recently at places where there was no network, it was quite frustrating for her. “We were shooting in places like Mauritius, Goa and the Karnataka border.

Puja Gupta

We stayed at places where there would be no electricity after 10 pm and no network. That was really hard to live with, as I am shamelessly addicted to my phone.

I would stare at my phone every few minutes and fidget. But then after three days, I got used to the complete isolation and started focusing on my work,” she told CS. These mobiles sure can be a big distraction.

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