Pune airport makes passenger feedback simpler

Jun 04, 2014, 07:17 IST | A Correspondent

Passengers alighting at the city’s international airport will have easy access to forms through which they can give suggestions to improve services

With an aim to improve services, Lohegaon international airport has started a feedback facility for passengers alighting at the airport. The feedback forms, which were placed this week, will be available at four different locations inside the airport premises. Airport authorities have also installed a touch screen to enable passengers to provide online responses.

The new feedback system was started this week. File Pic

Poor response
Prior to this, feedback was maintained in a register that was available at the airport terminal manager counter. However, due to the poor response from passengers, the airport director has now decided to make the feedback forms available locations where it is accessible.

Pune airport director Manoj Gangal said, “Our aim is to make the airport passenger-friendly and therefore want their feedback, which will help us improve and provide better service to passengers. The average footfall of passengers at Pune airport is over 28,000 per month, which is expected to rise in the coming days.

We have therefore decided to take feedback from passengers.” Gangal added, “Besides this we will also install a touch screen wherein passengers would have to key in their ticket number and provide feedback. We want to engage our customers and demonstrate that we care about their experience. We are aware that our customers feel more valued when their concerns are being heard and addressed quickly.”

“The feedback forms will be reviewed on a weekly basis so that we can quickly make our services better to meet their needs. It will also allow us to be more operationally responsive to the passengers,” the airport director said.

The passenger footfall at the city’s international airport per month


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