Pune Crime: Grandad kills 10-year-old, commits suicide

Mar 20, 2016, 07:29 IST | Chaitraly Deshmukh

65-year-old man kills grandson before himself committing suicide, because he felt the child would be uncared for after his death. He was known to be very attached to the 10-year-old

Pune: Too much love can kill you. At least, that was the case with 65-year-old Sudhir Shah and his grandson, Jinay Parekh Shah (10) of Shantinagar’s Jain Society in Kondhwa. Sudhir killed the boy right before committing suicide because he felt the child would be uncared for after his death.

Sudhir Shah
Sudhir Shah

Sudhir was known to be very attached to his grandson, who had undergone a surgery for a heart ailment at the age of three. Around 5 am on Saturday, residents of the housing society were drawn to a loud thud — Sudhir had jumped to his death from the terrace of the 11-storey building. The Shah family was alerted by the society’s watchman, Shamsheer Bahadur.

Bahadur told mid-day, “The residents had planned an outdoor picnic and I was checking if I could assist anyone with their luggage. Suddenly, I heard a loud thud and I rushed to find Sudhir dead. When I went to alert the family about it, I found Jinay lying outside their door.”

The Shah family used to own a stationary shop, a medical store and a farm in Shirur, but sold all property before settling in Kondhwa to offer the boy better education opportunities. Jinay was a Std IV student of Poddar International School, Pune.

A case of murder has been filed with the Kondhwa police station. A suicide note, written in Marathi, was later found in Sudhir’s pocket. In the note, he claimed that he had been mentally disturbed by a false case registered against him by a relative. “The case has been filed to malign and mentally harass me. I still have 10-15 years of life. I do not want to waste my life visiting a courtroom at this age… This has made me take such a step. I cannot live without Jinay and neither can he without me, as I have raised him… With a huge stone in my heart, I am taking this step. No one can understand Jinay the way I do. I am solely responsible for the act and my son must not be tortured,” read the note. Inspector Rajendra Mokashi said, “Initially, we had suspected sexual abuse or that a third party may have killed Sudhir and Jinay. But after scrutinising CCTV camera footage, we have dropped the suspicion. A case of murder has been registered by Paresh against his father.”

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