Pune: 'Lunatic' tries to break into shop, throws marbles at cops

Sep 11, 2014, 05:14 IST | Anuj Ismail

The 30-year-old was trying to hide from people returning from visarjan; he tried to break into a showroom on Jangali Maharaj Road

A 30-year-old man, allegedly mentally unstable, was picked up by the police after he tried to break the lock of a showroom on Jangali Maharaj Road and threw marbles at the constable on duty, when he tried to stop him.

The incident occurred on Tuesday evening, on the second day of visarjan. The man, identified as Wasim, was sitting on a wall near Sambhaji garden, when he saw a crowd coming back from the immersion procession.

Looking to hide
“He saw people coming towards him and got scared. He started running around, looking for a place to hide,” said S N More, police constable attached to the Deccan police station, who was present at the scene.

“As he was searching for a place to hide, he saw a closed Woodland showroom and tried to break the lock of the shop. When passers-by saw him trying to break in, they informed me. I reached the spot and asked him to show any ID proof that proved it was his shop, but he started throwing marbles at me. We took him to the police station then,” added More.

“When we asked Wasim why he was trying to break into the showroom, he was unable to recollect the question and started pulling his hair. We then realised that he is mentally unstable and released him, and no FIR was registered in the incident,” said Praveen Chougle, senior police inspector from Deccan police station.

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