Pune RTO to conduct road safety course for women drivers

Jul 23, 2014, 06:30 IST | Anuj Ismail

With the number of female drivers on a rise in the city, the RTO has planned tailor-made workshops to teach emergency safety measures

With women comprising 35 per cent of four-wheeler drivers in the city, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) has made a welcome move to instruct them on road safety and security. Over 500 women have registered for the RTO’s ‘street sense’ programme expected to begin next month.

Pune RTO
The RTO has tailored the training programme to the safety needs of women drivers. File pic

The campaign, tailor-made for women’s security while on the road, was proposed earlier, in March this year. The RTO, along with a local company, will conduct awareness workshops on measures that women should take during emergencies, be it a car breakdown on a deserted road, or a crisis while travelling with children.

Deputy Regional Transport Officer Anil Valiv said, “As the percentage of women drivers is increasing every day, it is essential to spread awareness among them as to how they should tackle emergency situations. We will conduct campaigns at various colleges and residential societies so that the message can reach out to the masses.”

According to Valiv, a majority of women drivers don’t know what to do in a road crisis. The programme will cover basic emergency tips on tyre-changing, overheated engines and other common problems. The workshops are expected to begin next month, with August 15 set as a tentative date for commencement.

Things to keep handy on the road

>> Flashlights
>> Multipurpose knife
>> Battery jump-start kit
>> Cell phone charger
>> Pepper or chilli spray
>> Bottled water can help with empty radiators and over-heated engines and tyres on long journeys
>> Reflector triangle for emergency stops

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