Pune's Arogya spa is a blessing for aching joints

Jul 21, 2013, 03:38 IST | Dhiman Chattopadhyay

The Arogya spa in Pune has a few awesome therapists with magic on their fingers. It's expensive all right, but well worth it, especially after a long and stressful drive across an expressway full of nutty drivers

The journey from Mumbai to Pune, despite the relatively smooth roads, can be taxing, especially if one is driving down. Given that a few thousand Mumbaiites drive down to Pune every day of the week, there must be a lot of aching muscles and stiff necks around.

Arogya’s therapy rooms are cosy, dimly lit and has soft music playing through the massage

So when we step in to the Hyatt Regency in Pune for breakfast during a trip to meet friends, we are tempted to take a spa treatment first. Luckily, Arogya has a therapy room free and a therapist available at short notice, a lucky break for us on a Sunday.

I choose the Rasa therapy R 2000+ taxes), a mild pressure body massage that promises specifically to reduce aches and pains. Halfway through the massage I figure out how relaxing it is when I doze off, or so my therapist laughs and tells me later when she wakes me up.

Using primarily relaxing lavender and other herbal oils, she works wonders on my aching bones. The spinal chord has a few knots I am told. I nod sagely. I know. It’s called computer knots. Even the shoulder muscles are knotted, she tells me. This time I don’t try nodding. The massage is way too relaxing and I prefer dozing off again. Yet in a strange way, the therapy does not make me sleepy at the end. Instead, it re-energizes the “mind and the body” just like they say in advertisements.

The Shirodhara massage room looks out onto greenery. It’s one of the most relaxing head massages to take

I get up at the end of the hour, take a quick steam shower and step out energised, and very, very hungry. Rasa (or juices) is what my massage was called and indeed my gastric juices are tickled after the therapy. I plonk myself at the popular 24/7 Café at the hotel and fill up my plate with the tempting breakfast spread that includes Japanese, Indian and European delicacies. My joints are no longer aching and my mind is at peace. Bliss! Bless the massage.

Where: Hyatt Regency, Weikfield IT Park, Nagar Road, Pune
Call: 66451234 

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