Pune to get 14 new domestic flights

Apr 08, 2014, 07:46 IST | Dheeraj Bengrut

With the Modernisation of Airfield Infrastructure project on the verge of completion, the airport will now have 64 domestic flights

Soon, Pune will have better connectivity with rest of the country, as 14 new domestic flights are to be added to Lohegaon airport’s summer schedule.

The new domestic flights will be operational post the completion of the Modernisation of Airfield Infrastructure (MAFI) project, which is likely to conclude on April 16. At present, Pune airport has 50 flights and with the addition of 14 new, flights city will have 64 flights totally.

Pune airport director, Manoj Gangal, refused to divulge any information regarding the new destinations, but said, “In the summer schedule, we will be adding 14 new domestic flights. The new flights will be operational once the MAFI project is ready. As the project is near to completion, we are working on re-scheduling flights that were squeezed to 11 hours 30 minutes to 24 hours.”

Speaking about further plans, he added, “We are working on getting clearance form the Indian Air Force (IAF), headquarter, we can give the details of the 14 new destinations only after getting clearance from them.”  

Did you know?

The Lohegaon airport is only operational between 10.30 am and 10 pm daily. The runway is closed from 10 pm to 8 am to facilitate the MAFI work while a subsequent slot between 8 am and 10.30 am is reserved exclusively for the IAF’s flying exercise

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