Punekar shot dead in Botswana: Relatives want body to be repatriated promptly

Sep 06, 2013, 01:37 IST | A Correspondent

According to reports, the victim was murdered by armed robbers after he resisted their attempt to snatch his wallet

Following the death of Shirur resident Mahesh Suryakant Brahme (45) in Gaborone, the capital of the southern African nation Botswana, in an attack by armed robbers on Tuesday night, the Indian high commission has released a letter condemning the assault and has said that efforts to repatriate the body are on.

Mahesh Suryakant Brahme
Brahme was killed in an attack by armed robbers. File Pic

According to the first information report made available to the Indian authorities in Gabarone, Brahme was shot by the criminals after he resisted their attempt to snatch his wallet. MiD DAY had reported the incident yesterday (‘City resident shot dead in Botswana’).

The report says that seven armed robbers looted inmates of a car returning from a party at a restaurant in a mall. Brahme was travelling with colleagues Girish Kumar, Bhojanala Krishnamoorthy, and Santosh Pande.

The robbers attacked the car, when it halted at Bhojanala’s residence. The thugs snatched wallets containing cash, driving licences and banking cards, apart from cellphones and other valuables. The high commission was informed that Brahme had put up some resistance in parting with his phone, which the robbers had tried to grab from him and they subsequently fired at him. Brahme was hit by bullets on his head and neck and succumbed to the injuries.

Kin intervene
Meanwhile, the high commission of India in Gaborone has written to the local ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation, seeking swift investigations and apprehension of the culprits. Relatives of Brahme have urged authorities to speed up the procedure to repatriate his body to India. The deceased was working with Pacela Limited, a company owned by Harun Panchawani. Brahme is survived by his wife and two kids. All three are in a state of shock and unable to react on this horrible incident.

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