Punekars gear up to support their FIFA team with identical hairdos

Jul 08, 2014, 08:48 IST | The Guide Team

As the 2014 FIFA World Cup enters the semi-final stage, Pune's World Cup fans are gearing up to support their favourite teams and players, with identical hairdos. the guide finds out more

The first of the semi-finals is just a day away and Pune's football fans are all geared up to support their favourite teams and players. This time, though, the support has gone beyond flaunting their favourite team jerseys or raising slogans as Punekars are queuing up outside salons and hair parlours to get a hairdo like their favourite football stars.

Neymar sported a golden hairstyle  during the World Cup. PIC/AFP
Neymar sported a golden hairstyle during the World Cup. Pic/AFP

So, when IT professional, Vishnu Mohadik got a hairstyle similar to the German team, who have made their way into the semi-finals for for a second consecutive time; it was all about football. “My favourite team is Germany and so I had recently done a hair style like them, my favourite player is Oliver Kahn from Germany,” he says.

Cristiano Ronaldo sported a scar cut in his match against USA in the first stage of the World Cup
Cristiano Ronaldo sported a scar cut in his match against USA in the first stage of the World Cup

Bhavana Sharma, head of Head to Toes, a unisex salon in the city, said “There are a lot of guys, from young kids to grown ups, who come here for the FIFA hair cut. Among all the FIFA haircuts, the undercut is the most famous among Punekars. It’s low maintenance also and is perfect for the weather.”

The Undercut as sported here by eight-year-old Archit Ghoklae
The Undercut as sported here by eight-year-old Archit Ghoklae

The tournament so far has not only been about goals, surprising results and breath-taking skills, but also of some of the wackiest and most outrageous hairstyles in sports. One can just name a hairstyle, and at least one player is certain to have had it — rat tails, dreadlocks, braids, bleached blond, outlandish side-partings, etc, are in fashion.

Take Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, for example, he was spotted with three different hairstyles in three matches, or Brazil’s Neymar and his golden blonde hairstyle. In fact, according to Google, Neymar’s hair remained most popular followed by Ronaldo and David Luiz.

No doubt then, despite that, Portugal was shown the door way early in the competition, Ronaldo’s zig-zag hairstyle, that he sported during the match against USA, continues to win fans. Eight-year-old Archit Ghoklae, who is a big fan of Ronaldo, continues to flaunt a hairstyle similar to the Portuguese sporting star, even now.

Ghoklae’s love for the game continues as he has been watching every game in the tournament. “I love to see football matches and World Cup is my favourite tournament, so I have done the hair style just to look cool and enjoy the matches more,” he says.

Anmeya Kulkarni, a third year student at FC College, has got a hair cut as a tribute to his favourite team, Brazil, also the host of the world cup. “Brazil is my favourite team. So, I have done a side cut that looks cool and I enjoy the new look a lot,” says Kulkarni.

The love for World Cup hairstyles, however, is not limited to boys alone as Sharma says that girls are also opting for similar hairdos. “Even girls now want to have different hair styles for FIFA as that looks cool according to them. This hairstyle requires less maintenance and so people like it a lot. Boys don’t go for colouring but girls do that a lot,” she adds.

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