Punjabi tunes for the partying soul

Sep 04, 2011, 03:24 IST | Yoshita Sengupta

9X's new Punjabi music channel is sure to make an occasional Saturday night fun, but that's all

9X's new Punjabi music channel is sure to make an occasional Saturday night fun, but that's all

If you are the sort that likes to have a crazy bunch of friends home for a weekend and shake a leg to some typical run of the mill "modern" Punjabi tracks after downing a Patiala or two, then 9X Tashan, the new online Punjabi music channel is surely your thing.

Very obviously catering to the Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh and NCR markets, 9X has nothing unique to offer. Seemingly inspired by a virtual plethora of brands, the channel is using the tried-and-tested method of running with a successful experiment. Six out of 10 music videos feature the South hall Punjabi rockstars, wannabe Djs and dumb but pretty Punjabi bombshells and the other four videos feature the pind da mushtanda (the village dude).

There is none of the vivacity, verve and creativity, which the original Hindi channel 9X had, when it launched. Indeed, by adding the same elements to the Punjabi channel, the company is pushing their luck. With many of the jokes by the "anchors" (animated characters) translated directly into Punjabi, the viewer will often be left wondering why the pretense of a new channel was needed in the first place. Two new characters have been introduced, 'Bhabhi' (not original), a sexy, seductive and often lewd bhabhi is more than familiar and the concept has been around ever since the launch of online comic "Savita Bhabhi" , along with Ullu da patha whose face is strikingly similar to Angry Birds.

The only place where the channel scores is the fact that it plays nonstop Punjabi music without interruptions from boring and oversmart anchors that one can see on competing channels. It's not going to make it to our favourites, but the masses in the target markets might surely dig the "Mal Punjabi Bhabhi", the slapstick jokes from Falli-Balli and Bade-Chote,  and the all-too-similar sounding foot-tapping sound of hip-hop Bhangra music.
And if you happen to be in the mood for some mindless, stress-relieving entertainment or even for that matter a good laugh, put your hands up and dance.

Log on to http://www.9xtashan.in/

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