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Jun 26, 2013, 06:37 IST | Ashishwang Godha

The Guide gives you a lowdown of the best offerings to savour at Pure Sin, the latest chocolaterie to open in Pune

When a 20-year-old Mumbai-based brand opens an outlet in its twin-city, you would assume that they would face fewer teething issues. Not so with Pure Sin. They moved to Pune almost three months ago but they haven’t yet set up shop here. Instead, they operate from home and predominantly function on the home delivery module.

We weren’t quite sure whether the chocolates were made in Pune or sourced from their chocolaterie in Mumbai. But either way, they are all pure sin. They have a steep delivery charge and their chocolates are pricey as well. But if you want the privilege of a high-end, delicious piece of chocolate and the joy of receiving a beautiful gold and brown box with a gorgeous ribbon, you’ve got to pay the price.

Chocolates by Pure Sin;  the shop. Pics/ Ashish Pol

Pure Sin offers 16 varieties of chocolate plus a few options such as lollipops. Of these, there are the regular ones such as Almond Rocks and the unique blends such as Orange and Cranberries. For first timers, we recommend a box of assorted ones to try all their offerings. Read the little identifier booklet that comes along, match the ribbons and understand what appeals best. Once you have zeroed in on what you crave for, you can order bunches of those.

Here is a list of the ones we loved: Pista Rocks: These aren’t your regular milk chocolate enrobed pistas. These are a classic, international mélange of lightly salted and roasted pistachios hugged by sweet chocolate (for that perfect crunch). The sweet and salt lends a heady contrast of flavours and textures.

The Big O: Cranberries and Orange doesn’t sound like an appealing combination at all, but it definitely is. The mildly orange-flavoured chocolate that encases the dried cranberries (and there are a surprising lot of them in that little rock!) gives the chocolate a unique wholesomeness.

Roses are Brown: Gulkand isn’t our favourite flavour by a long shot. But then, we had never tried a Gulkand Amaretti covered with dark chocolate before. A little biscotti generously packed with fresh rose petals comes alive with the aromas of fresh roses. It is then dipped in chocolate and set.

A chocolate that could work immensely well for all those Indian celebrations that require gifting or the elegance of something unique on the golden paan platter.

Chinoz in Brown: This little chocolate took us straight on a journey to Kerala. The fresh coffee-spiced ganache comes laced with cinnamon — a fitting tribute to the lush green land of spices.

September Crush: This one is an aromatic chocolate. Uncoil the wrapper and a fragrance is set loose. The aromas of snow-clad mountain-fresh apricots are blended in chocolate cream mousse.

U Crack Me Up: This is a milk chocolate mousse densely set with cracklers. Just like the Cadbury’s Crackle of yore that we all grew up on.

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