Quack dupes over 100 people with promise of H1N1 vaccine for Rs 200

May 10, 2012, 09:13 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

Police arrest fake doctor offering cheap vaccination in Hadapsar

A 26-year-old man who posed as a doctor and member of a Usmanabad-based non-profit organisation was arrested yesterday for duping several members of housing societies in Hadapsar by promising to give them a swine flu vaccine at a reduced price.

The arrested quack was identified as Kisan Magar Dongare, a resident of Khirid village in Mulshi taluka. The police said Dongare hailed from Usmanabad district.

“Over the past three to four days, Kisan was meeting society members of Vastu Samrudhi, Saisavera and Sukhwani apartments in Hadapsar posing as a doctor and member of a Usmanabad-based NGO and collecting money by promising to give a swine flu vaccine at a concessional rate,” Assistant Police Inspector Satish Chavan from the Hadapsar police station said. “In the last three days, he collected Rs 200 from over 100 people in these societies, but on Wednesday, when he visited Vastu Samrudhi society to collect money, a resident, Pravin Shevkar, caught hold of him and called the police.”

Chavan said the police contacted the NGO in Usmanabad Dongare claimed to be a member of and learnt he was not affiliated to it in any way.

Shevkar, who filed the complaint against Dongare, said Dongare had promised members of his society that the NGO he represented would hold a camp for them for swine flu vaccination at a reduced rate.

“The man was visiting our society for the last three days and promised his NGO would be arranging a camp in the society where the members will be given swine flu vaccine on May 13, and for this he demanded Rs 200 from each one of us,” Shevkar said. “On Wednesday I got suspicious and caught hold of him and alerted the police.”

Senior Police Inspector Pandharinath Mandhare from the police station said a register was recovered from Dongare in which he had made entries in a of the money collected from over 100 people.  

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