Quest for a nice gift

Feb 14, 2013, 10:03 IST | Razvin Namdarian

Celebrating Valentine's Day essentially means getting your partner great gifts. Razvin Namdarian helps you pick a few

Little did St Valentine know when he performed banned marriages for lovelorn youth that he was creating a very stressful situation for lovers through the centuries! The marketing hoopla surrounding Valentine’s Day has turned it into one that ‘has’ to be celebrated in style with a lot of wooing, gifts and cards.

Valentine Day

Many a relationship has soured for the want of the perfect Valentine gift. We present a few options for those who are still at a loss - some are tried and tested, others present a new take on gifting - after all every heart beats to a different tune:

Everyone loves bling
The cliche is true - diamonds are forever and they are definitely a girl’s best friend. For the occasion of Valentine’s Day, they come in all sorts of permutations of the heart symbol. Earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings are all welcome gifts. If diamonds are too tough on your wallet, go for options in plain gold, silver or even crystal jewellery. Besides, jewellery is no longer limited to being a gift only for the female specie. Guys like bling too, which is why so many jewellery brands have his and her sets in rings.

Watch it
‘You make my heart tick’ - this could be the cheesy line you can use when you gift your special someone a watch. Watches are quite universal as gift items and range from being casual, sporty to ultra chic. Choose the one that matches your Valentine’s style quotient.

Gadget mania
Men and women alike are becoming gadget freaks. So, whether you gift a smart phone, a tablet or a gaming console, chances are that it would be very welcome.

Scent of a wo/man
Perfumes, especially exotic ones, are a very sensual gift. Try to figure the kind your Valentine prefers - woody, musky or floral.

Dress it up
Clothes are a cool option as gifts. You could even go the sensuous path and gift lingerie. Else, get cool accessories like wallets or purses to go with your Valentine’s outfits. You must understand their personal style and if in doubt, make sure the gift is returnable at the store you get it from.

Create a love hamper
Instead of giving just one gift, give a basketful of love - or rather items associated with romance - you could put in scented candles, potpourri, wine, satin bed sheets, a framed photo of the two of you, a romantic book or maybe even The Love Story by Eric Segal - the ultimate book for lovers!

Traditional Treats
Chocolates, teddy bears, heart shaped cushions, flowers, cards, these are the usual suspects associated with this day. If you want to add a desi twist to this very Western day, gift a cute Indian puppet or sweets!

Get R&R
We mean rest and relaxation. Gift you valentine a day at a spa or maybe get a couple’s massage together. Depending on how much time you have, you could get a foot massage or grab a romantic weekend.

Go green
Gift a plant instead of cut flowers; maintain the theme, gift a flowering rose plant.

Have a heart
You could also spend the day with your Valentine volunteering at some NGO for a social cause that is close to both your hearts. You could even make a donation to a worthy cause. Remember that Valentine’s Day is just a date and you have the whole year together to express your love.

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