3 questions with Radha Thomas

May 18, 2012, 07:10 IST | The Guide Team

Bangalore-based Jazz singer Radha Thomas will be in the city for a performance with her band, UNK.

What can you expect from the band that describes its sound as “a pinch of straight-ahead Jazz” with “a spoonful of Blues” and a “generous helping of Indian music”, seasoned “with Hip-Hop, Latin music and rhythms from Africa”, we ask.

Jazz singer Radha Thomas

Is UNK missing an ‘F’?
(laughs) No. Nor is it missing an ‘S’ or a ‘G’! Everybody keeps asking me what the name means, but I won’t tell. Even the band doesn’t know.

Tell us about the album…?
We’ve been working on the album, I Only Have Eyes For You, for about a year now. When I met Aman (Mahajan) about a year ago, something clicked; we’ve been trying to come up with a sound that is unique and original — at least that’s what we’re aiming for. About half the compositions on the album are original, the other half are jazz standards that we’ve mooshed around a bit, so they are almost unrecognisable. The album should hopefully be out in a month; we’ve also worked on a music video for one of the singles, Watermelon Man, which should also be out around the same time.

Does being the only woman in an otherwise male ensemble influence your music in any way?
It’s always been that way. There are very few women instrumentalists. It’s a little like being left-handed. I’m left-handed myself and every time I meet someone who is left-handed, I think ‘How weird!’

UNK is Radha Thomas (vocals), Aman Mahajan (keyboards), Matt Littlewood (saxophone), Ramjee Chandran (guitar), Suresh Bascara (drums) and Mishko M’ba (bass).

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