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Apr 12, 2016, 09:50 IST | AFP

Danny Willett's son Zac was due to be born on Sunday, but wife Nicole gave birth on March 30, enabling dad to fly to Augusta for the Masters where he triumphed

Augusta (United States): Danny Willett wasn't even going to come to Augusta National if new son Zac had been born on his due date, which was Sunday, the same day his daddy won the golf Masters.

Danny Willett with wife Nicole
Danny Willett with wife Nicole

Instead, wife Nicole gave birth to Zac on March 30, the 28-year-old Englishman flew to the year's first major last Monday and departed with a green jacket after a final-round meltdown by defending champion Jordan Spieth handed him a shocking victory.

"It has just been the most ridiculously awesome 12 days," Willett said. "Words can't describe what I'm feeling right now."

Willett fired a five-under par 67 without a bogey to finish with a five-under 283, three shots ahead of American Jordan Spieth and England's Lee Westwood. But if Zac hadn't done his thing, Danny wouldn't have even been there, so the baby will get his time in the green jacket.

Danny Willett at the press conference after winning the Augusta Masters yesterday. Pics/AFP
Danny Willett at the press conference after winning the Augusta Masters yesterday. Pics/AFP

"They said try to bring the green jacket home for the little one. I don't think he'll fit into it right now but he will grow into it," Willett said. "It's mental. Little man was due today. Obviously coming 12 days early, he listened to his dad. Fate, one thing or the other." Two life-changing events proved impossible to rank in any order. "It has been crazy," Willett said.

"I'm not quite sure which is better, this day or (Zac's birthday) Tuesday. "They are very, very, very close there. I don't know which one I should say to be politically correct."

Willett called up home to share the winning moments with his wife. "She said, 'Well done.' The line was a bit crackly. I've got massive thanks for everything she does for me. Take this little green jacket back for her," added Willett.

Danny wins Masters, his brother PJ wins Twitter

While Danny Willett was creating ripples at the Augusta National Golf Course on Sunday during the final round of the Masters, his brother PJ was keeping the social media world entertained posting some hilarious messages on Twitter from his home in Birmingham. PJ used profanities with jokes sprinkled in even as he admitted to be drinking all the way. Sample some of PJ's tweets...

> Speechless. I once punched that kid in the head for hurting my pet rat. Now look. #TheMasters

> Green makes you look fat, refuse the jacket.

> If the boy does what he should, I will be able to say 'I've shared a bath with a Masters winner. Brilliant

> My boy has got massive b*llocks.

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