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Jun 25, 2013, 02:57 IST | Kanika Sharma

Head to Bliss this Friday to bag some quirky products that are not only a rage these days but handy too. Plus, The Guide gets chatty with the newest kid on the block, Yes Yes Why Not and finds out about the upcoming buzz

It’s time to earmark your calendars for the pop-up sale at Bliss that will feature Yes Yes Why Not, Quirkbox, Eco Corner and Spyra. With all the rollicking fun and tingling quirk around, we scoped in on at a neighbouring design store of the chic hub wondering what ticked it on in the first place.

Namrata Mody, one of the owners of Yes Yes Why Not (in Devanagari script, mind it!), chats it up, “The design label was born nine years back when two friends (a copywriter and an art director) got sick of their bosses and decided to be their own. What started-off as a specialist communication design studio, is now a beehive of creative talent that houses illustrators, designers, writers, madcaps, noisy cats and humble folk committed to the ‘lost art of having fun’.”

Tapan Mody

From The Marriott Group of Hotels to Filmfare awards, the label with their disdain of authority have surely left a mark in the right places. Mody relates that the disturbing memory of a hierarchical structure has compelled them to have no designations and refer to themselves as a “democratic family” where each member is an “owner”. Free flowing and crazy are their range of products, which they feel that “after whistling through the advertising jungle” cannot be well pinned down under one category, after all. 

Namrata Mody

Post mulling over the designs for at least four years, they set shop of the outcome of their creative capers as eight products -- handpainted munshi tables, OCD screen guards, bottle lamps (both natural as well as hand-painted), Y Tees, mommade, happie wrappies, paste its and khandani pillows.

“The pillows are our especially gregarious looking fellows, just the kind of eating and burping families we are fond of! No doubt, the well-researched products are slowly creating a unique buzz of their own, that are indeed ‘homegrown’, produced, manufactured, researched, destroyed, damaged, in-house with able support from a team of well-honed professionals in related fields,” says Mody.

Products by Yes Yes Why Not

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