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Sep 08, 2011, 10:20 IST | Promita Mukherjee

Blueberry cheesecakes and chocolate fondue for your hands and feet? Possible at Defence Colony's Seven Seas Evania

Blueberry cheesecakes and chocolate fondue for your hands and feet? Possible at Defence Colony's Seven Seas Evania
When your job entails you to run around the city at all times of the day or night, it spells doom for your feet. More so if you have a fetish for impossibly high heels like I do, then your back starts cursing you too. So when I stumbled upon I small spa at the crowded Defence Colony market, I decided to give my feet and back some reason to cheer.

The spa, named Seven Seas Evania, had just opened. I walked down the stairs with the aroma of lemongrass
surrounding me. Evania (which is Greek for tranquility) is not a spa in the true sense of the term.

Here, they take care of your hand and feet. The owner, Arpit Sharma, tells me that they are known as the 'fantasy spa' and that evokes my curiosity. The reason is explained when I glance through their treatments.

They have something called Whipped by pure romance, which is a blueberry cheesecake pedicure. And if you so want, your feet can be massaged using chocolate fondue, extra virgin coffee oil massage. Now who would want to waste chocolate fondue or blueberry cheesecake on their hands and feet, I thought and instead opted for a Celebrity pedicure. The first thought on my mind was -- is this what celebrities go for? It was an extensive ritual, separated from the rest of the spa with sheer golden curtains, that included an extensive cleaning of the feet using various creams and lotions.

It followed the course of a regular pedicure with cleaning, exfoliating, clipping and moisturising. While I wasn't too happy with the exfoliation (dead cell removal wasn't perfectly done), the back massage post the treatment was energising. But what I loved the most was the ice cream served at the end of the treatment. But if the mind isn't satisfied, you would always want more. So I went in for a 45-minute Blueberry cheesecake (yes, for the feet, sigh!) massage. This consisted of a foot wash and massage, followed by scrubbing and back massage.
Known to be anti-ageing and good for the skin (hydrates and makes it supple and smooth), this treatment was done using a yellow scrub, lotus cream and blueberry gel (not the actual cheesecake silly, but the ingredients). Happy feet, indeed.

At: Seven Seas Evania, 9, Defence Colony main market
Timings: 11 am to 9 pm
Ring: 41092567
Price: Rs 700 onwards

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