Quiz: How well do you know Maharashtra's travel destinations?

Sep 17, 2015, 08:35 IST | the guide team

Find out if you are a dude or a dud when it comes to knowing about Maharashtra’s most interesting travel destinations. Go ahead, test your Travel Quotient (TQ) with 15 questions. Your time starts now!

  1. Maharashtra is home to a region that receives the fifth highest rainfall in India. Name this tiny, less-explored hill station in the Sahyadris.
(Clue: The name of this place also forms part of a Western suburb)

It is the smallest kingfisher found in Maharashtra.
It is the smallest kingfisher found in Maharashtra. PIC COURTESY/BEHRAM ADERBAD

2. Which is the largest kada (cliff face) in Maharashtra?
(Clue: It’s near Harishchandra Fort)

3. What is the smallest kingfisher (bird) found in Maharashtra and what is its average length?
(Clue: There is an oriental twist to its name)

4. What is the name of Maharashtra’s ‘Plateau of Flowers’?
(Clue: It is located near Satara)

5. Which fort of Maharashtra is called the “Jewel of Forts”?
(Clue: It overlooks Bhandardara)

6. Which coastal town in Maharashtra was the last king of Burma exiled to?
(Clue: The area is known for a world-famous mango variety)

7. Name this famous beach along the Konkan that is famous for its Suvarna Ganesh temple.
(Clue: It is 45 km (approx) from Harihareshwar)

8. Maharashtra is one of the six Indian states where the Great Indian Bustard is seen. Where is the sanctuary in Maharashtra named after this critically endangered bird located?
(Clue: This sanctuary is located near Solapur)

9. Name the world’s only hyper-velocity impact crater in basaltic rock that is located in Maharashtra.
(Clue: The site was visited by NASA scientists)

10. Name the art form that makes Sawantwadi famous. It originated in Bishnupur in Bengal and was seen in and around Jaipur, Orissa and Cuddappa. But under the patronage of the Sawantwadi royalty, it is only found here in this town. In the Sawantwadi Palace in the evenings, you can still see locals practise the art.
(Clue: It is a form of playing cards.)

Pic/Suresh KK

11. According to the latest tiger census, six protected areas have been declared in Maharashtra reserved for tigers. Melghat, Bor, Sahyadri and Nawegaon-Nagzira are four; name the other two.
(Clue: Both are located in the eastern part of Maharashtra)


12. What is the name of the highest peak in Maharashtra?
(Clue: This is a favourite route for hardened trekkers)

13. Where in Maharashtra is the annual Turtle Festival held?
(Clue: This spot is home to Olive Ridley turtle nestlings)

14. The Dutch, the Marathas and the East India Company could never conquer this sea fort. Name this impregnable citadel.
(Clue: The Siddis are associated with this fort)

15. Which is the hill-station in Maharashtra also known as ‘Asia’s only automobile free hill-station.’
(Clue: A toy train service will reach you to this location)

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